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Brain Blox Building Planks * ages 2-99 ⋆ Raising Dragons

Brain Blox Building Planks💡ages 2+ 💡 Such an awesome STEM toy for open-ended, creative play! Thanks to Brain Blox for sending to us!

Full toy review:

Right out of the box I knew this toy was going to be a hit but I didn’t know the extent all my boys would love it…even my two year old! Brain Blox is the simplest toy – 200 unfinished, pine wood planks that easily stack and can be built into a million different structures. Brain Blox reminds me of my childhood when we played with Lincoln Logs, but the simplicity of the design makes this toy more versatile than Lincoln Logs. It also comes with a sturdy cloth drawstring bag for easy storage (thank you!)

One day I came out of the kitchen and all four boys were building with brain blox! I couldn’t believe it as I rarely see them all playing independently with the same toy. Full disclosure: this did lead to a fight or two because we ran out of blocks, but I was in awe at their love of these simple planks!

They have sets with 100 or 200 planks and either set would make a great STEM gift!

Get Brain Blox here (referral link) and use code BBLOXAY8 to get 10% off >> https://amzn.to/2JFphuQ

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