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Bread Clip Straw Pickup * ages 3+ ⋆ Raising Dragons

Bread Clip Straw Pickup 🥖 ages 3+ 🥖Here’s a fun activity to build oral motor skills, fine motor skills and number recognition!

MATERIALS NEEDED (affiliate links):

Bread clips (aka bread tags, bread tabs or bread ties)

A bendy straw

A bowl

Permanent marker

Bread clips are our new favorite repurposed learning material! Here we wrote the numbers 1-10 on the back of the clips and placed them randomly on the table. Then I asked Oliver to use a straw to pick up each clip starting with #1 and move the clip from the mat to the bowl. (Note: if you don’t have bread clips, small pieces of paper work well too). We flipped the straw around so that small end was used to pick up the clips and Oliver blew through the longer end.

Oliver had so much fun with this activity he repeated it several times. It could also work for learning letters, sight words, math facts, days of the week….the possibilities are endless really!

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About Raising Dragons

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