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Color Surprise Hearts Activity * ages 3+ ⋆ Raising Dragons

Color Surprise Hearts ❤️ ages 3+ ❤️ This Valentines Day activity is so simple to set up (It literally took me 2 minutes!) and is great for color recognition and fine motor skills!

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Color Surprise Hearts Activity Video:

Check out the below video to see the Color Surprise Hearts Activity in action before trying it yourself:


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Materials Needed (affiliate links) for Color Hearts Surprise Activity

What To Do:

  1. Start by placing a paper towel sheet on top of a baking sheet.
  2. Next draw hearts in various colors on the paper towel using washable markers. YOU MUST USE WASHABLE MARKERS FOR THIS STEP!
  3. Next, color over the top of the hearts using a black permanent marker so all the color is hidden under the black. YOU MUST USE PERMANENT MARKER FOR THIS STEP!  Also, be sure to color on a surface like a baking sheet and not furniture, since the permanent marker can seep through.  If you do get permanent marker stains, try using a pencil eraser to remove the marker. 
  4. Finally, spray water over the black hearts and watch the colors reveal themselves! So cool!


Threre are so many possible variations of this activity including:

  • Use letters instead of hearts to work on letter recognition
  • Use different shapes to work on shape recognition
  • Use numbers to solve math facts or number recognition

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