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Corn Starch Goo * ages 4+ ⋆ Raising Dragons

Oobleck (or oblec) is one of our favorite science experiment substances to make!

We make it all the time because if fulfills the basic requirements:

  • It super simple to make!
  • It’s educational in that it teaches kids about non-newtonian fluids.
  • It’s messy (but very easy to clean up).
  • It’s a fun sensory activity which also makes learning more fun!

What is oobleck?

So you may be wondering just what is this wonderful mystery substance?  Well, look no further.  Check out our article on just this subject to learn everything you need to know about oobleck! https://www.raisingdragons.com/oobleck-activities-answers-guide/


Oobleck Ingredients – What do you need to make oobleck?

Materials Needed (affiliate links):

How to Make Oobleck Video:

Check out our below tutorial video to see how we made oobleck before making your own:


  1. Add one heaping cup of corn starch with 1/2 cup of water (we had to add a little more water).
  2. Use a spoon or spatula to slowly mix the cornstarch and water. If you mix to quickly, it will be very difficult to mix as the mixture hardens when pressure is applied. If you mix slowly the spoon will be allowed to move through the mixture and combine the ingredients.  Isn’t that so cool?
  3. Once the ingredients are mixed, try picking up about a tablespoon full and rolling it into a ball in your hands.

How does oobleck work?

The substance formed is called oobleck and it is a non-Newtonian fluid which means it doesn’t behave as most fluids do. As you apply pressure to it, it hardens and when you let it sit it turns back into a liquid. Give a ball to each child and have them roll it in their hands. It will feel like a solid ball, but once they open their hands the ball will melt back into a fluid. This experiment can get quite messy but the good news is everything washes off easily with water.

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