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Garden Hose Math Game * ages 3+ ⋆ Raising Dragons

Garden Hose Math Game 💦 ages 3+ 💦 My boys love any reason to use our spray hose so I decided to make a fun math game to play!

Materials needed (affiliate links):

Garden hose

Spray nozzle

Sidewalk chalk

What to do:

1. Start by writing about 10 numbers onto the pavement (the numbers can be bigger or smaller based on child’s age).

2. Turn on the water and give the child the hose with the spray nozzle attached.

3. Ask the child a math fact such as 2+2. When they solve the math problem they can spray that number off the pavement. For younger kids ask them to identify the number. For older kids, make the math problems more difficult by incorporating multiplication or division.

This activity would also work well for shapes, letters or sight words!

Such a fun summer, outdoor activity and perfect for a hot day (or if you need your driveway cleaned)!

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