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LEGO Rebuild The World Campaign ⋆ Raising Dragons

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Who knew dragons and firefighters could work so well together?! This holiday season, we’ve partnered with The LEGO Group to “Rebuild The World” and my boys had a blast using their creativity and imagination to play with their LEGO sets in a very different way!

LEGO & Raising Dragons Rebuild The World Video:

Check out the below video to see the boys in action as they rebuild their dragons into their own creative masterpieces!

LEGO Rebuild the World Campaign

The LEGO Rebuild the World campaign is all about encouraging creativity by rebuilding the world around us! LEGO sets don’t always have to be built following the exact instructions.  LEGO wants us to get creative and imagine new worlds inspired by things we feel passionate about.  Whether its heroes, animals, dragons or something else, LEGO sets are meant to be built, taken apart and rebuilt again in new ways!

My boys each “rebuilt” their world by personalizing a dragon from the NINJAGO Castle of the Forsaken Emperor Set using bricks from the Medium Creative Brick Box to make it their own.  Some dragons were heroes and some were villains. The evil dragons started fires and the hero dragons helped put out the fires in the CITY Downtown Fire Brigade Set.

LEGO NINJAGO Castle of the Forsaken Emperor, Creative Brick Box, CITY Downtown Fire Brigade
These are the 3 LEGO sets we used to Rebuild our World.

Nate made an evil dragon that had flames coming out of its mouth and wings.  He used oranges and yellows because they were the color of fire.

LEGO Rebuild the World Campaign


Dylan used blue bricks to make his dragons even more blue in color.  He said his dragon was a rescue dragon and it had a place for the fireman to ride on it and a second seat that could be used to rescue people from the burning building.   His dragon shot water instead of fire and helped put out the fires.

LEGO Rebuild the World Campaign


Oliver used red bricks to personalize his dragon because he loves the color red.  He had a hard time deciding if his dragon would be good or bad, but he ultimately decided he would be good because he had a lot of blue on him as well and he fought the flames with a firefighter perched high on his back!

LEGO Rebuild the World Campaign

Alexander made his dragon green because it’s his favorite color and he wanted to make his dragon a good dragon as well.  He had water coming out of his mouth and fought to battle the flames in the burning building!

 LEGO Rebuild the World Campaign

This holiday season, embrace your creativity and rebuild the world around you using LEGO bricks!  Learn more about the LEGO Rebuild the World campaign here.

LEGO Rebuild the World Campaign

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