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Super Simple Oobleck Sidewalk Paint * ages 2+ ⋆ Raising Dragons

Oobleck is one of the coolest substances for kids to experiment with, but did you know you can also use it to make sidewalk paint?  If you’re wondering what oobleck (or oblec) is, then start by checking out our article about oobleck here.  This oobleck sidewalk paint recipe only has 3 ingredients and will keep the kids outdoors, engaged and creating for hours! Warning, it is a bit messy, but isn’t everything that’s fun in life a bit messy?

How to Make Oobleck Sidewalk Paint:

Materials needed (affiliate links):


How To Make Oobleck Sidewalk Paint:

  1. To make sidewalk paint mix a heaping 1/4 cup cornstarch with 1/4 cup water. Notice you’ll need to mix slowly since oobleck hardens when pressure is applied and it will crumble and not mix well.  If you mix slowly then the water will mix well with the cornstarch.
  2. Add food coloring (or liquid water colors) and mix. Oobleck Sidewalk Paint Recipe
  3. Keep adding more color to make them more vibrant as the white of the cornstarch tends to lighten the color.
  4. You may need to add more water to reach desired consistency. This version of oobleck we want to be watery enough to paint with so it is more watered down than regular oobleck.  Don’t worry, because at the end of painting, there will be some leftover to make regular oobleck with!
  5. Finish making your oobleck paints in various colors and start filling up the sidewalk with all your oobleck sidewalk paints!

Dylan went right to work on a “Grand Ole Flag” 🇺🇸and Oliver tried lots of different techniques like drip and splatter.

Once everyone is done painting, add some more cornstarch to the paints until the oobleck can be picked up and rolled into a ball.  Now you have regular oobleck and the kids can spend the rest of their time getting messy and exploring the properties of oobleck.  It’s truly one of the coolest substances we have ever seen!  Here is the full article to learn all about oobleck!


Oobleck Sidewalk Paint Video

Check out the below video to see our Oobleck Sidewalk Paint in action and stay tuned to the end to see the boys getting messy with regular oobleck!

Check out our Oobleck Cornstarch Goo too!

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